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eBay Listings Discussion Forum This is a discussion forum for eBay listings of Professional Cars and related items. This forum is not intended to become a search engine for eBay items. Posts with multiple listings will be deleted. Please search to see if the information has been previously posted. Titles must clearly define the discussion. DO NOT POST JUST LINKS! Please explain what the listing is about to start the discussion. Posts that don't meet these requirements may be deleted without notice. Posts may be removed after 30 days or at our discretion.

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Old 12-31-2017, 02:31 PM
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The more I think about it, this particular car in show-condition, would struggle to bring $5K, if you could find an interested buyer.
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Old 12-31-2017, 10:53 PM
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vary true it's not for a flipper. as I said you have to want the car. if you wanted a 6 door 75 Oldsmobile in running condition with low mileage on it were you going to find one for 6. if it was a Impala it would be a 25 thousand dollar car. because there are people that want them. as in my case the 455 engine and power train is worth more out of my 75 then the whole car is complete. yet it's a model that almost no one had see one of

that 86 H&E 6 door I picked up for 8 was worth about half that at best. but I was willing to pay the asking price because I wanted it. I easily have half that again into the car but at 50 thousand miles and I put 30 of them on, it's as nice a car as you can get. just not everyone's cup of tea which reflects in the market value.

most of these cars are trashed on the inside this one looks to not be. that alone is a big advantage. but as I stated you have to want it. if not it's only a car worth a how about that.

but tell me with this guys hip doesn't he remind you of a man in Rockford Il.
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