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2013 PCS International Meet For postings directly related to the 2013 International Meet. All others will be deleted.

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Old 08-27-2013, 03:01 AM
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Mark and I got home Monday afternoon. We went back to the Sunday concours show and then spent Sunday late afternoon/evening cleaning out and packing up the registration room. Then a reporter called and wanted to get together Sunday night, meaning Mark and I didn't have Sunday dinner until 9 PM. We treated ourselves to a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant. Frankly, we felt we earned it! Then we had our first night all week of being able to get a decent night's sleep, before meeting with my hotel contact Monday morning to finalize our bill. Two brief stops at tour destinations to tie up a couple loose ends, and Mark and I left Milwaukee at 1 PM, getting home about two hours later.

Perhaps needless to say, but still deserving to be said, Mark and I both greatly appreciate all the thanks and kind words and happy smiles we received from everyone. As I said at the banquet, I could have planned the best meet in the world, but it wouldn't have been anything if no one had shown up. So by the same token, my sincere appreciation to everyone who attended.

I don't think its possible to run something this big and complex without there being some issues pop up, and the fact that several of you have commented on how smooth everything ran makes me feel like I did my job in handling whatever came up before making itself known to the meet attendees. I used the analogy with a few of you that I compared running a meet to a duck, look smooth on the surface and paddle like the devil underneath. My only regret is that I was unable to spend much time visiting with anyone in particular. As the go-to guy for everything, I was almost constantly being pulled in multiple directions at once, resulting in me giving people a smile, a hello, a handshake or pat on the back, and I was on my way. I trust you all understand and didn't take any rudeness from it.

Did I learn anything? Of course I did. I've been taking mental notes on the various meets I've attended over the years, and I was taking mental notes about my own meet as well. Honestly, I don't think I'd change anything major, but details can always be tweaked. As much as you all seemed to like Milwaukee, I can honestly say that Milwaukee liked you back. Literally every place we went, the venue had nothing but good things to say about our group and was quick to invite us back.

So what do Mark and I think of the meet? Well I think I can sum it up by telling about the major theme of our conversations throughout the day.....

Chicago 2020, "The Roaring 20s"
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We rolled in the driveway at 5am monday morning just in time for me to go to work for 7am !!! We had a great time this past weekend putting faces to names ( sorry Mr Ledford ) lol and seeing the cars in person that I have only seen in Pictures. we had a great time on the ferry and having dinner with Brady and Janet, Dr Lloyd and Kim before leaving Muskegon. thank you Patrick and Mark for a great meet.
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Pate and I rolled into our house just before noon Monday. Had a great trip home, no problems at all.

Whew, what a meet! We had a great time seeing each other and spending time with each other, and a fantastic line-up of pro-cars. I'll have the final count shortly.

Great job, Patrick and Mark!

One thing that was the highlight of the meet for me. There was a couple there that had never been to a PCS meet before, very nice folks. They talked to me Sunday as I was packing up to leave. The man said that he had been a member of many car clubs over the years. He had joined several and found that, although they let him in, these other clubs never really made them feel welcome, because most folks simply drift into their groups or cliques and left them alone. He said that the PCS was different - that he and his wife felt truly welcomed into the group and felt like they had known everyone for a long time. That says a lot about our PCS! I'm proud to be a part of it.

Like someone said once, you are the people I choose to spend my summer vacation with!

Cool cars, too!
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Whew, I got worn out trying to thank everybody above! I got home Monday night about 640pm after a great meet with PCS friends. Patrick and Mark did a great job organizing this one! Gene Smith had met me at a cousin's in Rochester, IN to ride together to Milwaukee. She put his car in her garage for the week! So we retraced our path Sunday, and after lunch w/ my cousin and her husband I continued South to Indianapolis (along US 31 there's no major cellular service until you're nearly to Kokomo, which kept my relatives in Indy in the dark for a while) to stay the night w/ another cousin. One side effect of the slow economy seems to be less traffic on the interstates, maybe a little more now than the last time I made the Indiana run four years ago, but it makes for smoother travel!
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