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Originally Posted by John ED Renstrom View Post
Don't get froggy on it. Did you find the vacuum leak?
Its been consistently 20 degrees here and usually windy, so I havent even opened the hood yet. I am hoping maybe on this or an upcoming weekend the wind dies down and the sun shines to make the 20 degree weather a little more workable.

Everyone tells me the whining is likely an alternator pulley, I will check fluids first though. I previously was unable to find the power steering fluid on the last few checks. But I dont suspect it to be power steering since I hear whining when driving in a straight line. Trans leaks were all fixed, but I will be checking that to be extra sure.

I was reading that a good way to find vacuum leaks is to spray carb cleaner around hoses and listen if the engine revs up a bit.
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