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The impact must have been hard. The striking vehicle a 54 Ford. If you look it blew the windshield out of the Cadillac the cowl and wrap around post are at in as is the center piller. The center pillers went in hard as they were reinforced by the cabinets The hole in the rear side glass looks like from a head. They must have had the stuff on top of the cabinet secured as it is in place. The expired patient must not have been secured on the stretcher. There was a similar one in Montgomery County in the 70s I bought the salvage worst hit ambulance I ever saw. The idiot driver lights blazing siren going passed on a curve and hit a tractor trailer head on. Everyone in the ambulance was killed. The worst part was it was a TRANSPORTATION call no lights or siren allowed then. I have never forgotten it what a waste of life still gives me a chill to think about it.
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