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Went to pick up the hearse tonight. They gave me the key, said they tied the choke off and it should start right up.

Started it. Idled a few minutes but it died as soon as i hit the gas. Tried several more times then it just wouldnt start. They came out and messed with it a minute and the guy that set the choke said "see? Its jot going to run with the choke open, demonstrating as he throttled it and it would die.

So firstly i was annoyed that they ziptied the choke open and didnt even bother to test drive it or make sure it runs.

Then went in and asked if someone could help me get the ziptie off to drive it. They just handed me a pair of scissors. Messed with it for 15 min, unable to cut it off with a little pair of scissors, before i went in and someone got some actual wire clippers to cut it off for me.

It IS running better now simply because they brushed off the plugs but im most certainly not going back.

Spark plugs are black so i will be replacing those. I researched and determimed fancy platinum or iridium plugs are a bad idea and will be getting copper ones, but can anyone tell me the proper plug gapping for the 68?
1968 Cadillac MM Combination
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