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Originally Posted by Peter Grave View Post
Chances are the choke (on carbuator) is stuck or not opening at the right rate. This will cause a bog Trans sounds fine You do not have to "warm" them up. PM your phone number I talk better than type. Had many 60s Cadillacs in the day bought a new one every year from 62 to 71.
Will PM you, I have some time during lunch

Originally Posted by Paul Steinberg View Post
Couple things to check.
Engine timing must be set exactly as it is explained in the FSM (factory shop manual).
I unfortunately dont have the manual, but I will look at the items you mentioned

Originally Posted by John ED Renstrom View Post
jump in start the car as soon as it fires and is running drop it in gear and go. idling the car is vary hard on it and not a good practice. you are problem just loading it up with raw gas. the transmission after 20 minuets of idling will be at normal operation temp.not necessary at all. now at 0 out they will be a little stiff
if they are sitting out side but it only takes a mile of two to have them warmed up. just take it easy off the start and go.
I have been warming up in park, i will try this and see if this is part of my problem or not. I appreciate all the input.
1968 Cadillac MM Combination
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