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Couple things to check.
1. Make sure that the choke is working properly.
2. Transmission linkage and the switch on the carburetor is properly plugged into the wire harness.
4. Transmission linkage is not out of adjustment.
5. Did they check to see if the transmission vacuum modulator is not leaking, and that the rubber vacuum hose from the intake manifold to the vacuum modulator has been replaced. There are two 6" approx. rubber hoses that connect the vacuum modulator. One at the modulator itself, and the other at the end of the metal line that goes to the transmission, and joins at the carburetor or intake manifold. Vacuum leaks can cause you a lot of grief, but are relatively easy and inexpensive to repair.
6. Engine timing must be set exactly as it is explained in the FSM (factory shop manual). There are exact instructions on what vacuum lines need to be unplugged, and capped so they don't leak vacuum. If the instructions aren't followed exactly, the timing will not be set where it should be. Vacuum effects a lot of things on a car, and sometimes it is difficult to diagnose.
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