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Default How far we've come

My dad died of a stroke brought on by under-treated hypertension (he hated doctors). He collapsed alone on the kitchen floor and, by the time he was found and medical aid arrived, it was too late and he passed away in the hospital hooked up to IVs, with kidney failure making the "heroic" treatments just an exercise in how bloated and fluid-filled you can make a man endure before he dies. Maybe he had good reason to hate doctors after all.

I've personally never had a stroke, but I did get migraines that mimicked a CVA,with partial blindness, inability to speak coherently, odd aural manifestations like other voices seeming to come from inside a tunnel and feeling tingling in my fingertips and loss of grips. If I was in public when it happened, people would look at me like I was crazy and steer clear of me even though I was obviously in neurological distress.

In my day as an ambulance EMT, I was continually shocked how ER MDs during the 1970s discounted the severity of strokes. I would be chided for rolling code-3 with a patient who was, "only having a stroke." For all the trouble we spent getting the patient to definitive care quickly, they were usually pushed back as low priority cases in the far corner of the ER.

It's far better today, with PSAs and posts such as Paul's showing that physical damage from strokes can be greatly mitigated when rapid treatment and/or transportation can mean the difference between living a full life or dying with complications of a CVA in a convalescent hospital, after the devastation of the family's finances.

It's good to take time and think about real life implications that we all feel from time-to-time when we're focused on the details of old ambulances and devote a little time thinking about those who unfortunately had to ride in these rigs as a matter of life and death.
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