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the one thing with the q jet you got to watch is over tightening the air cleaner nut.. it will pull the center of the top up and cause choke problems. but that would be a start up issue. not a run problem. it could be a low vacuum condition that lets the power valve pull open. normal if they have the float adjusted to high you get the problem your talking about rounding a corner. gas will slop over into the the intake and flood it out.

easy check for a vacuum leak is with a small propane torch. with the car running at idle, just crack the valve on the torch and run it around the base of the crab and the fittings and intake. if it picks up RPM you found a leak. needless to say you don't light the torch.

rebuilds are a problem as they will use parts off a number of different carbs to get one out the door. one other thing you can do is swap, put the original one back on if the problem changes or goes away you know it is a carb problem.
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