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Gasoline today has ethanol in it, so "HEET" isn't going to do anything. As for spraying the choke mechanism with carb cleaner, if the carburetor was rebuilt, it shouldn't need to be cleaned. To me, I would be questioning the person that did the carb rebuild as to why there is an issue. There is no way to justify the quality of someone else's work unless you have the ability to assess it in person. Having said that, I have seen lots of "hacks" that claim to know how to rebuild carburetors but know next to nothing about how a carburetor works, or what to look for when there is a problem. From memory, your car is a 1968, and that has a Rochester Quadrajet carburetor, which is extremely complicated/sophisticated, so rebuilding it correctly is best left to the person that rebuilds them all the time, not a "jack of all trades".
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