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Originally Posted by Clay Sellick View Post
I'll have to measure the distance on Monday as I'm working till then in Bathurst and it's in moncton. I'll let you guys know.
The Model 1 was the only option from F-W available at that time for side-mounting. The Model 2/3 are the same thing with either both floor-mounted hardware or one floor and one side-mounted. The distance between sets of holes isn't relevant - with small changes it's the same product for approx. 20 years. If the car were older - or perhaps someone used "leftovers," it's possible the Washington Mortuary equivalent could've been used - the bracket/bar are slightly different based on generation. A final and less common option is Baumgardner - which was still producing product up to at least 1964.

The low-headroom cots at that time were the Model 21L (single-level, "two-man"), Model 54L (two-level, "two-man"), Model 32 (Multi-level X-frame, "two-man") and Model 27 (Two-level, "One-Man"). Of course, folks didn't always follow the "book" and could've used the regular height cot equivalents despite having a low-headroom vehicle. I think for 1966 with side-mount hardware obviously having been present - the most likely would've been a Model 32.

Congrats on your purchase. As far as I am aware, you have the second Chrysler-branded ambulance from the time period that survives today.
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