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When Dad had his stroke in late-2000, it was similar to the first part of the story. He came in from raking leaves and told me, "I'm woozy and my feet feel heavy." He could still smile, hold his arms up, and speak clearly. But I checked his blood pressure, which was very high.

By the time he was in the ambulance (+10 minutes), he couldn't remember a phone number (and he was always a numbers-guy). By the time he was at the ER (+30 minutes), he could no longer hold his right arm up, speaking coherently was difficult, and he couldn't even understand to try to smile. Quick treatment at the ER (+40 minutes) brought his BP down and stemmed the bleeding in his brain. After a helicopter ride to a specialty hospital (+2.5 hours), he could not speak or remember anything and was barely conscious. The next day (+24 hours), he still couldn't speak or recognize anything. The second day (+48 hours), I walked into his room in the morning and he said, "Good morning, Steve." And he recovered from there.

And the first symptom was that he was woozy and his feet felt heavy. Thank goodness for rapid recognition (it pays to have your own paramedic around) and rapid care by our little county ER. Had he been home alone, he probably would have gone in to lay down, and never woken up.

So the public service announcement is always welcome.
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