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Maybe 2 years ago now, I was asked to do those three things myself.

I had finished working the midnight shift at the mill and I was getting dressed to go home. I realized that my face didn't feel right. I looked in the mirror and realised that the one side of my face just didn't look correct. I went to the gentleman at the mill that is in charge of contacting the ambulance if needed and he had me do exactly what Paul just mentioned. I could not smile, I had trouble talking properly, but I still had the even movement on both sides of my body (lifting the arms). I would say that within 30 minutes of me noticing the first effect, I was in an ambulance headed to the hospital. I am currently 38 years old, so this happened when I was around 36, so age is not even a factor. If you have any of these symptoms or see anyone else with them, please get it checked out!

In my case, it was an ailment called Bells Palsy where a nerve in one side of the face is pinched and it brings on symptoms similar to a stroke. A couple of months for that nerve to regenerate and I was back to normal (normal for me anyway). I would consider myself lucky that it was not a stroke, but until I had the diagnosis, there was never a moment that I took it lightly. Most of us know the signs of a stroke and we need to keep them in mind. I did and always do!
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