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Yes I have more than an idea. Your alternator is toasted, and possibly beyond repair! You should have removed the fan belt, not the wire. Had you done that, there is a remote chance that you might have been able to salvage the alternator. When you removed the wires, that was the kiss of death. I know first hand how difficult it is to source the components for this alternator, since when my car was being transported they turned off the batteries before they turned off the car. They blew out all the positive diodes, and they are next to impossible to buy. I lucked out, and found them at a shop in Los Angles that used to do these type of repairs. They have since gone out of business. There are 3 positive and 3 negative diodes, a rectifier, rotor, and stator, and assorted smaller parts inside of that case. Even finding someone to work on it today, is almost impossible, since most of the people that knew how learned the trade 50 years ago, and have since retired. If I were in your shoes, I would find an electrical shop that can wire in a modern type alternator. It won't be inexpensive, but at least if it gets destroyed, a replacement can be had.
Oh... if you are wondering what happened, my guess would be that either the battery switch was in the off position, or the battery cable was loose, and not making a good connection. The other explanation would be that the battery shorted out, or has a shorted cell.
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