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A good amount of the old plugs the tip was burned white. Also several of old ones were bent down, almost looks like whoever put them in banged them against the block on accident as they put them in, bending them.

So over the weekend heres all I did:

- 8 new spark plugs
- 8 new spark plug wires (with boot grease and dialectric on the threads)
- 5oz seafoam in the crankcase
- 11oz seafoam in gas tank
- Full can of Seafoam top engine cleaner straight down the carb while pulling the throttle around 1500.

Before the seafoam my engine would shake aggressively at idle. 10 min after the seafoam it stopped shaking and was running alot smoother. So it did help some

I've driven twice so far since and so far there has been no throttle cutting or hesitation, BUT these are new plugs and they might not have had time to foul yet, so im not going to get my hopes up.

Heres how it runs after:
1968 Cadillac MM Combination
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