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Originally Posted by Paul Steinberg View Post
In my opinion, you can't compare a 66L with a C6B, since they are two different class of sirens. Also, you have to give consideration to the mount, which is extremely rare, and by itself, will probably command $125 - $150 from the person that needs it. You can find many sirens, since they made so many of them, however, when it comes to coach specific mounts, they are extremely rare to find with the siren. Remember, "todays crazy prices are tomorrows bargains!"
I know that somewhere in my garage, I have a restored C6BR with that mount, that I purchased from John Dorgan, a number of years ago. I only wish that I could find it, so I could turn it into cash to fund my next restoration.
Paul: I guess that I need "educated" on the (major significant) difference you are referring to between the two as I have had (and have) both. MM
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