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Default Mystery solved......

Well, this post solves a mystery that has had me stumped for the past several months. Back in the summer a whole lot (probably 40 to 50) of very diverse and extremely unusual vehicles appeared on the site of the old Norwalk Bargain Center on RT. 250 on the north side of Norwalk.

Then in the fall, a bunch more appeared on the old Wolohan Lumber lot in Avery, including about 8 Divcos. The day I spotted them, we didn't have a camera with us. Next time we went over that way we took the camera, but Certain-Teed Corp. (right next door) had jammed the front part of the lot full of shingles. We weren't able to any kind of photos due to heavy brush along the fence, and shingles blocking the rest of the view. I've planned on going over there when the shingles move out and before the brush grows in and get some photos.

Now I've got more information, I can do some detective work on this project. Those Divcos appear to be in fairly good shape. I'm real curious where the indoor storage photos were take....a visit to the local Fire Chief should get me that answer.

More information to follow when I get it.

I just had Barb look at the indoor photos and she says they are inside the old Norwalk Bargain Center, I can't argue with her..... looks like it.
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