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Originally Posted by Bill Marcy View Post
1 Check the dimmer switch, sometimes they go bad, sometimes they have corrosion on them. It sounds odd, but I had a somilar problem with a 68 Cadillac.
Originally Posted by John Zicha View Post
The dimmer seems fine. Dims lights on dash. When I push in the brake light switch, the one light that always stays on shus off.
Bill wasn't referring to the the dash light dimmer, but the floor mounted switch that dims the headlights (low beam / high beam) - the location of the switch in the floor means that they have a tendency to build up corrosion and cause headlight issues.

The rear brake light is staying on because that brake light switch is loose - it mounts in a bracket up under the dash, close to the base of the brake pedal. When the brake pedal is not being pushed, and the spring returns it to it's normal position, it will push and hold the button in on the brake light switch, keeping the brake lights off - when you step on the brake pedal, the button is released, sending power to the brake lights. As to why only one is on, could be as simple as a bad bulb on the other side, or a wiring issue, or an issue with the directional signal (the directional signals use the same element in the bulb as the brake lights, but have priority over the brake light.)
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