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Besides siren angst described at , the mystery of what the four holes on the passenger side shelf of the ambulance have been solved. This was asked about here: http://www.professionalcarsociety.or...13&postcount=5

They correspond to Big Beam Model 266 or 211 floodlights with mounting bracket... How I figured this out was from pure serendipity indeed. I knew from a previous news story that the ambulance carried two "hand lanterns." Someone I was talking to recently about the car mentioned off hand that when he ran a midwestern county ambulance service in the 1970s, hand lights and flares were normally kept up front in all their cars. At the same time as this conversation, an auction for a Big Beam with bracket came up on eBay for $15, and on a whim I bought it. Turns out to be the right thing after all. Now the problem is I need a second bracket at least and they're near-unobtainium and I lucked out big time finding just one. The company just discontinued making the lights, and says they haven't made brackets since the 1970s. Anyone got a lead?

I previously didn't notice this hole up front behind the bumper until spending quality time polishing... What did it correspond to? My contact at RCFD told me it corresponded to a yellow Dutchess County Ambulance Association sign on some kind of pedestal mount that he could only vaguely remember. That would make sense since the Association helped fund equipment for it when the ambulance was put in service. Searching that organization name turned up a patch that sold on eBay in the past - and I surely lucked out again. It's the same design. Now to just figure out what kind of mount it was and maybe a bit more on the sign to have it remade. I've frankly had little luck thus far.

Wish I could find another patch too - I ended up finding one of the later patches from the Ambulance Rescue Course (pictured as well)
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