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Blake, while they provide an in depth form to put measurements, they have done many for hearses and limousines, back in mid 90's, I had covers made for my '72 Superior and '73 M-M... they apparently have a list or database of what they have built. If you trust this (and I have been lucky with it) it sure is an easier way to do it. I would simply tell them my car and see what they have done before might work.
The cover I have now was built to fit the '73 M-M and '76 M-M... but what time it has ended being used (in a covered shed) it was over the '90 Superior Chevrolet. It was a little big, but was fine. The key with these covers is to get you a short rope to attach to the two plastic attachments that run midline of the cover, attach the rope, throw it under the car and attach to the other side... it will do wonders when the wind gets up, as the front and rear have the elastic areas.
I like the Noah covers but there are different covers for different needs and climates...
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