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I ended up taking all the LEDs out for the time being, since one of my lights the two springs began touching and melted so its now getting red hot. I will probably try to remove that fixture and see if I can repair it at all. I suppose worst case I can order another fixture now that I know where to find one, but will see what I can do.

In other news I drove to a new carwash yesterday called "IQ" because it has free vacuums, figured it would be a good way to suck up some of the broken glass under the seat and in the cracks of metal parts of the side of the bench (broken glass came with the car). It did work, got 95% of it up, however when pulling out from the place I noticed that I barely had any brake power, in fact the brakes did not even work until the pedal got to the floor, no pressure until the floor. And on the way down it hisses

I carefully got home, brakes did seem to work fine if I really mashed them on the floor hard, but it was far from safe. drove around the neighbor hood a little to test (see if its the same while braking while turning, pumping, etc)

The general consensus of several friends is that its likely a brake booster. So I called a local place that has done good for me several times on my other cars, and told them what I need and asked for a rough estimate, he made some called and called me back...he told me "that part is only available from the dealer".

I paused and said I'm not too sure a Cadillac dealership is going to have that laying around, but I'd do some checking. I laughed because who in their right mind would take this thing to a Cadillac dealership. I'm sure I can probably just find the part online cheaper and then just pay labor.

My question to you all here is does this appear to be the correct part?

I know that just because it says it fits commercial that does not make it true.
1968 Cadillac MM Combination
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