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Better than regretting selling it.

Make sure you give that guy the first chance if you do decide to sell it later on.

As for renting it to a TV show... you are putting your car in harms way.

Unless they are paying large for the use of it, I wouldn't recommend it.

A few days of rental isn't worth it even if it is just scratched.

Big bucks for longer term rental may be worth taking the chance.

I have rented in the past and never again for any of the cars I care about.

Don't let the guy making the rental deal let you think the guys on set will carefully handle your car as you would. To them it is a prop they do not care about or own. Your gem in their hands is not always a good thing. I know from experience. So does Bill Peoples and his 50,000 repair bill on his rented hearse to Sony. Yes, Bill's did get fixed but ask him if it was worth it.

Gotham is on in Canada too but I have never watched it. Just seen commercials for it.

Good luck,
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