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Originally Posted by John ED Renstrom View Post
One more sign you need to find a different repair place. When the bump jobs in front of yours they are not interested in doing your work. Then what normally happens is it gets draged in and a rush job done on it. It all starts with biding the job high. You say go ahead and it goes down hill from there.

Now I will say I have no knowledge of the car, the shop or the reason behind any of this. Just saying I have been there a number of times.

The last one for me was the front seat on my 67 took me 6 months to get that one back. But I will say the guys that did the work did me a good job.
They did tell me about a few unexpected delays besides the fuel line fitting. Apparently the last delay before that was when they were fitting the new brake drums the brake line snapped in half due to rust. I can say though that im glad the brake line snapped in the shop as opposed to when I was driving.

While they have been friendly and have seemed pretty open when I asked questions I am still going to ask for an itemized receipt when im done and see if I can get some comparisons down the line to see whether or not things were priced fairly. The waiting has been the hardest part so far.
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