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Originally Posted by Peter Grave View Post
The reason its going off when you put the lights on is you are increasing the load or there is a short in the lighting system somewhere (doubtful). When the load goes up the alternator compensates by charging more thus it pulls harder on the belt and squeal results. Double check your belt tension and pulley size on the new alternator is it correct for the belt you are using if not this will cause what you are getting under a heavier load. BTW a 100 amp alternator ain't exactly heavy duty. wasn't tight enough. After tightening it, it works perfectly. As of 100 amp not being heavy duty, I'm aware lol. I got it for a good price and when tested it's at 90 amps at idle and when it kicks up it's actually 118 amps. Nothing special is connected to it now. I removed the inverter for the back and getting rid of the heat/AC blowers for the rear also. So it's basically just headlights and the Emergency lights for if it's a parade. If that doesn't handle it, I can always get one that puts out more juice.
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