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I havent quite figured this out yet but im guessing it probably choke related. Previously it had only happened when I first start driving, but Wednesday I drove it 45 minutes from Tulsa to Owasso and a few times while steadily driving 40 or so it happened, engine kinda starts cutting and acting like its about to choke out.

The only way to get it to stop is to let off the gas completely then hit the throttle again on and off a few times until it clears up and starts running smooth again.

in my limited knowledge I wonder if its possible that somehow the choke flap is falling down and closing while the throttles down?

Aside from this its been driving pretty good, its just doing this every so often. When I have some spare time I may just eyeball the choke and see how freely the choke moves. My mother in law told me to spray some carb cleaner on it, but if it was a remanned carb I shouldnt need to do that i'd think. My mother also suggested I put a "heet" additive into the gas to prevent water buildup.

I have done neither yet
1968 Cadillac MM Combination
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