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Default Warm up transmission

Maybe its just that I'm paranoid and dont have enough experience driving old cars, but after warming the engine up for 15-20 minutes I notice that it usually starts out really hard to get past 20 mph until I've driven it around the neighborhood a bit and "warmed up" the transmission.

Until I slowly cruise around a bit, it seems giving it too much throttle results in what I can only describe as it trying to choke out. It doesnt sound like its going to stall but the engine stops trying to turn and acts like its stuck. Until I back off the gas and push it again, then it will usually start moving. Once ive got things moving for a decent amount of time though it runs like a champ.

Originally I chalked it up to the engine still being too cold, but now that I think of it, it makes more sense that the trans isnt being warmed up until it moves.

Is this just normal for old cars or should I be concerned about my transmission?

Alot of this is new to me but im trying to learn.
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