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To my knowledge, no Federal motor siren on a 1959-70 Superior used a Federal mounting bracket except for a Q2*. Because of the angle of the roof over the cab, none of the sirens would sit level if the Federal (contour) bracket was used. Therefore - as discussed here often - Superior used their own mounting brackets during these model years. The 1959 through 1964 series used a fore/aft sliding adjustment, while the later version (seen on cars into 1972** until the inventory was used up) had a through bolt for adjustment. The adjustment was necessary because the roof angle was slightly different between the lowtops and hightops; that way, the same bracket could be used for both. Many examples of Superiors with Superior brackets can be seen on this site.

Your car either had a Q2 on the roof from the factory or another Federal (four hole mount) siren installed there later.

*I'm guessing the reason the Federal brackets were used on the Q's is that the Superior brackets weren't stable enough (footprint too small) to handle the torque and weight of the larger siren.

**As seen here:

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