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Richard Vyse 12-11-2017 04:44 PM

Old embalming machine
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Anyone have an information on this old embalming machine....

Darren Bedford 12-11-2017 07:03 PM


I don't but I would like to buy it from you !

Let me know and I will give you a MI address to send it to.

Thanks brother,

Richard Vyse 12-11-2017 08:04 PM

Not mine yet. Terri and I spent last week in Michigan going over a possible funeral home purchase and found this in the attic along with a ton of old stuff. The owner didn't realize it was there and I tried to get him to give it to me. He said if you buy the place it comes with it. Offer extended let the fun begin.

Tim Cenowa 12-11-2017 08:31 PM

Good luck on the purchase. Where in Michigan is the mystery funeral home?

Darren Bedford 12-11-2017 10:41 PM


Buy the funeral Home and I will come and help you clean it up and leave you with some cash.

I dig old stuff and will leave you with some additional space.

Just imagine setting up your Christmas display in the funeral home next year.

Right on brother,

Denny Shira 12-11-2017 10:57 PM

Funeral Home Purchase
Best of luck Richard, hoping this happens for you. :thumbsup:

Kent Dorsey 12-12-2017 09:07 AM

Richard, I asked our Dodge rep, who's father was also a Dodge representative, and he said his father talked about Noayr's several times and he thought they were manufactured until the 1950's... He said he knew of one in South Carolina that being used to stack magazines on right now...

Attila Bethlenfalvy 12-12-2017 01:34 PM

NOAYR is a postwar product by Century Chemical Co in Columbus OH. Have had white, black, and gray hammertone examples. Latest funerary catalog listings on hand are an undated early '60s Tri-State and a '61 Superior Funeral Supply Corp.

A double tank version was also produced.

Philip Scanio 12-12-2017 01:47 PM

Richard, good luck on the possible purchase. I googled the brand and they are still manufacturing machines. They have a stainless steel model with a heart like pump available for $ 3,300.00. I have seen some old equipment over the years but not one of those.

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