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Jim Vowell 11-30-2012 01:10 PM

Its amazing what you learn when you forget!!
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Ok first thing is I'm sorry for such a long winded post...cant help it as I got so geeked! A few weeks back I was putting my procar babies to bed for there long winters nap and I finally got around to getting the window inserts for my amblewagon cut to fit. Some of you may recall me sprinting after Ron Devies while he was driving the golf cart back at the 2011 meet. I did that after Jeremy Ledford told me he had a set on window inserts at his tent.(little did Ron know I already had hid them away mwah ha ha. Jeremy helped too.) Theses were the closests to fit that I had found, trust me I had three other sets in my garage. Any whoo my body/paint work man works on my department and has a much steadier hand than I when it came to cutting them down so I took the car to the station one night to do the job. While getting everything ready I discovered I had forgot which way the stripes on the inserts went, up or down. I didnt have a brochure to check a picture so while my friend stenciled the window I went to my old stand by evilbay to see if they had any amblewagon brochures listed. Of coarse my typical luck there was none. So Google amblewagon and this link catches my eye, under " Forums I see a header that said in part:1964 OLdsmobile Amblewagon. I click on it and scroll down and what do I see? A picture of an Amblewagon...MY Amblewagon! I read the post and it said that in October of 64 a local Olds dealer loaned the Doylestown Fire Co. #1 the car on a free two year lease, and it was used as a back up ambulance. At the end of the two years it was to them for purchase but they couldnt afford it. It then went to the Fairmont Fire Co. where it stayed till purchased by Bill Marcy then Tim Fantin. Over the years I have owned this car I have tried to trace as much history as I could and with the help of Bill,Tim, and Greg Merksemer found out a great deal but till now these two years were a blank. As for the inserts go they look pretty good when I can I'll post pics and I'll also post the pictures from that forum, it shows the car in the field and it also has the rear panels but different then in it now. All I can say is Wow!!

John ED Renstrom 11-30-2012 02:38 PM

all I can say is every now and then even a blind squirrel finds a nut. it goes to show you just got to keep looking

Kyle Martin 11-30-2012 08:19 PM

it will come
dad had a 65 olds wagon ambulance . i know your trying to be correct in your restoration but im looking for a vistacruiser and gonna convert it myself. just missed one at mecum that sold right but i didnt pay attention and missed it. gonna happen though. love to see pictures of yours. did all vistcruisers have split rear seats. dont know but i think they did. 3 beacons and q2. low boy stretcher and.... could go on. hope you find your parts. i looked for 2 years for the correct nos welping for my 39 dodge and looked in a bin at the swapmeet and there it was marked 39 dodge and marked down. would have paid 250 but got it all for 8 bucks. patience has its own monetary value.

Steve Lichtman 11-30-2012 10:12 PM

And, since Jim told the story, here's the photo that goes along with it, of the Olds Amblewagon in service in Doylestown, PA.

(From the Youngstown website, unknown photographer, and I hope it comes up and you all don't get the red X of doom!);image

Kyle Martin 12-01-2012 09:46 AM

thanks steve, made my day!!! dads was maroon but i want white even if i have to change colors. got a 73 chevy wagon that is used to haul flowers every once in a while but no split seat in rear. gonna keep it like it is as im second owner and only 62k miles. 454 and turbo 400 and i was gonna convert it but wouldnt be satified so gonna leave it alone and find olds one day. can i print picture without permission or am asking now? with permission only will i do it. thank you sir.

John Royark JR 12-01-2012 10:56 AM

Very cool. Its always nice when we discover a little more on the history of our cars!

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