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David Henry 05-17-2018 02:26 PM

Wanted: Cabinet Latch
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Looking to replace a broken cabinet latch. Does anyone have a source or by chance have a latch like the photo available?

Daniel Scully 05-17-2018 05:15 PM

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A lot of different ones here = One in the pic is not exactly the same but might work or just change them all out to match.

Paul Steinberg 05-17-2018 07:05 PM

Take it off, and look for a makers mark, or a name. If they haven't gone out of business, there is a chance that it might still be available. Also check home restoration online catalogs.

Walter Suiter 05-18-2018 03:56 AM

Looks like Moore should have it.

David Henry 05-20-2018 11:51 AM

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Thanks for the suggestion Paul, it has a maker mark of Standard Keil, Model 9210. I was able to do a internet search and came up with Keil Refrigeration Hardware, manufacturers of coolers parts. Searching the part number on their site, returned a similar photo. I have reached out to them to see how to obtain the latch.

Again, the knowledge here for a rookie like me is priceless.


Jacob M. Fournier 05-20-2018 09:54 PM

Paul - Thanks for the suggestion.

Dave - Thank you for doing the research and tracking down the latch. I have a couple of broken latches in my '67 S&S - I hadn't gotten to a point where I was needing them yet, but you saved me a lot of effort.

If you let me know what response you get from the manufacturer, it would be most appreciated. If there ends up being a minimum order, I would be willing to go in with you so we can both get the latches we need.

- Jacob

David Henry 05-25-2018 03:53 PM

This is the distributor for the latch

The model number is: CHGM 15-9210 and cost $11.54 and 9.95 shipping

David Henry 06-12-2018 12:59 PM

Another Latch in the S&S
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Another cabinet latch in the S&S is manufactured by Eberhard Manufacturing,

They made the paddle latches on the Medical cabinets in the divider. They are still available (Part 4859-SS) in stainless steel for 27.50 each, plus shipping and sales tax. I ordered a few more than I needed to have on hand.

Kurt Arends 12-07-2018 12:56 PM

I have 2 of these Standard Keil latches now out of a '75 S&S, if anyone is still in need of them.

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