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John ED Renstrom 10-12-2017 10:53 AM

Struts 91-93 CC caddy
Looks like I'm going to have two choices here eat my great buy from Amazon or pay half the price to send it back. Been looking for a set of compleat strut Assemblies for my 94 DeVille and thought I found them. Closer checking showed they do not fit the 94 but do the 91-93 commerical chassis I would like to pass these on to some one that can use them or you can go to Amazon and get a set shipped to you free for 137.00 like I did. Good price for a pair ready to slip in.

Paul Steinberg 10-12-2017 11:41 AM

Or you could buy another 1991 - 1993 Commercial Chassis car, and use them on that car...:D

Kurt Arends 10-12-2017 09:54 PM

What is a '91-'93 C.C.?? Are you referring to a coach builder delete package? FWD or RWD? There was no such thing as a Cadillac commercial chassis in those years.

Peter Grave 10-12-2017 10:07 PM

I am not positive but I think CC package was designed for "severe service" meaning livery and the conversion industry. Much like Police package in the lesser vehicles HD springs, shocks, sway bars,cooling, and in some instances Brakes and AC. Ford did the same with the Town Car. Not sure just what you got with a Cadillac looks like for sure struts. In the Crown Vic and the old Caprice you got an actual heavier and more reinforced frame.

John ED Renstrom 10-12-2017 10:22 PM

But yes there is. the incompleat car furnished to the builders had things the standard car did not, one bring the 350 rear wheel drive in the normally front wheel drive chassis. The only one that would use struts as than other RWD chassis in 90 &91 had standard a frame supenshion . Now there were a number using the standard FWD also. My guess is it has a Heaver spring and none electric supension . We will see tomorrow when it arrives. Mine has the electric supension I did not realise that but once I discovered that I got to checking closer and realised that instead of the 90 to 99 buick, pon, Cadillac as advertised in the header it was select cars in those set of years. Internet buying is not that great a deal. But I was hoping for a assembly. It was not available down town or at Rock auto.

John ED Renstrom 10-14-2017 01:20 PM

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my mistake arrived yesterday and I did not find them till late last nigh after we returned from taking tickets at the ball game. here they are next to the replacement spring for the 94. I see no difference in them then the the ones I returned for credit for the proper electric set down town. except that the shaft for the piston is about twice that of the Gabriel one. spring wire size and turn count is the same as are all the mounts. in my digging I have discovered that they do make a kit to in essence shut off the error message you would receive if you don't hook up the electric control. but I can't find it with out buying a set struts so we will get the right ones that are still available. if anyone can use these they go for the cost and we can work out a deal on the shipping or swap them at a meet. I did drop a note to them on there poor wording on there header you had to click on another page to bring up this list of cars they were to fit. today they clam to only have two more sets.

John ED Renstrom 10-17-2017 10:23 PM

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finaly forced to go to Rapid again for a couple of apoitments so Jack and I stop into the caddy dealer up there to see what GM wanted to do to swap the Speed sesentive system to passive on the 94. as luck would have it 94-5 are a bit of a hassale. all the rest only require you to remove a componet.

then I have also discovered that the set listed for the CC do not have the mount for the sway bar so that is one other change from the standard car no electric control and no sway bar.

here is the information I discovered at the caddy store plus a couple early morning shots on the way up

Terry Lange 10-17-2017 10:40 PM

Like the campground shot. Could see myself parking the RV there for a day or two somewhere down the line.

John ED Renstrom 10-18-2017 10:36 AM

There are a lot greener spots just 30 miles west. With that berm you can't see Rushmore from the camp site. It is at Hermosa 16 miles south of Rapid mainly set up for big rigs. You have about a half mile spot right there that the hills open up enough to see the faces. it's supprising just how many local people don't know about it.

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