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Attila Bethlenfalvy 02-25-2012 08:43 PM

'63-'68 Miller Meteor rear loading door glass ID
Already covered '59-'62 MM rear loading door glass and compared it to '63-'64 MM and '59-'64 Superior in this thread from last summer.

Today I hit another yard and pulled more glass. You all benefit by having more cold hard facts to file away, never before published/online.

Now here is '63-'64 MM glass laying directly on top of '65-'68 MM glass:

Whoa! That looks pretty close, doesn't it..? Here's a close up of a lower corner, top and side edges match up. '65-'68 is a scant 1/4" taller.

Curvature is likewise the same. Specifics:

'63-'64 MM - 15.5"H x 38.75"L (top), 41.5" (bottom)
'65-'68 MM - 15.75"H x 38.75"L (top), 41.5" (bottom)

There is a fair amount of play with Miller Meteor rear loading door glass. Both rubber and caulk is involved. 1/8" offset top and bottom means that '63-'68 will interchange. (Or officially, '63-'64 will fit into '65-'68 window frame. I do not have a '63-'64 window frame here to see if the opposite holds true. It would.) Why Miller Meteor made such a minute adjustment in '65 is puzzling.

John ED Renstrom 02-25-2012 10:46 PM

1/2 inch on a piece of glass is a lot to stretch or shrink. a superior you could probably do as they only push up against the opening but the MM has to go over the lip all the way around. the smaller one would leave a gap between the rubber and the trim you would never get the bigger on in the hole. but I'm with you on strange thats it's only that small a difference. bet they went to the same size as everyone els in the later years.

Attila Bethlenfalvy 02-26-2012 03:16 AM

Yep. 1/2" is a lot to stretch or shrink. Luckily, I didn't state 1/2" difference. Not once.

1/4" as specified is not a significant amount. Will take pics of glass in frame to illustrate clearances tomorrow.

Russ Austin 02-26-2012 12:19 PM

Atti, I think I will take a 63 M&M rear door glass, along with the Superior glass. You just never know when you'll need it. If I sell the car, I'll sell the glass.

Attila Bethlenfalvy 02-26-2012 03:16 PM

Yours Russ.

Took pictures as promised to assist Ed and others.

'63-'64 glass in '65-'68 frame, then '65-'68 glass in frame (from backside).

Closer, end shot, same order.

Lastly a corner close up. Again, same order.

Glass was perfectly centered for pics. Ends fit same with a 1/4" gap from glass to frame. '65-'68 glass has a 5/16" gap top and bottom; '63-'64 has a 7/16" gap.

One other item I noticed laying both pieces of glass in frame is their crowns. Left to right, '63-'64 has ever-so-slightly more curvature than '65-'68. Enough to say the same mold was not modified/used later; not enough to accurately measure. Each end of '63-'64 glass was 3/16"-5/16" above frame when resting on floor. When frame was raised off floor and became load bearing, glass seated itself as well as '65-'68 on floor.

Now I failed to take close up pics previous to removal on either but there was window rubber and caulking used conjointly sucking up space. Given all the measurements, I fail to see how these would not be interchangeable.

John ED Renstrom 02-26-2012 11:40 PM

work if you were to glue it in but not if you use the grommet

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