View Full Version : '59 M-M Ambulance

Steve Lichtman
02-22-2011, 10:36 PM
Well, not Craigslist but not e-Bay either...

Looks like someone in Tucson has his Ectomobile replica for sale. I wonder why?


I feel a little bad, the ambulance actually was originally from Maryland. But that's more than I paid for my house/garage/3 acres.

John ED Renstrom
02-22-2011, 10:57 PM
will I for one would be willing to offer 20 bucks. thats my best offer. you would think he would have gotten rid of it by now. been up for sale a number of times.

Chris M. Kelley
02-23-2011, 01:11 AM
It's a nice car, but it's a terrible shame they have all that stuff attached.

I don't see where they feel it's worth over two-hundred and thirty THOUSAND dollars? To be fair, it's not an exact replica, which kind of lowers it's movie buff value, IMO.

Greg Sander
02-23-2011, 03:50 AM
Looks to be Dean N's car. Admin of professionalcar.org.

The only Ecto-1A replica so far. As I remember reading the article, the car was a rusty, damaged, incomplete shell before the transformation.
And the $235k probably barely covers what it cost to restore.

Sorry y'all don't like it. But I hope you can respect his efforts to keep a pro car on the road, whether or not it's to your personal taste. :YesNo:

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Steven Prange
02-23-2011, 03:57 AM
The good thing is one could always take all that cra...."equipment" off of it.

John Royark JR
02-23-2011, 06:01 AM
If you buy it the good thing would be that when everyone yells ghostbusters to you whenever you are in a pro car, they would be right for once.

Kevin O'Connell
02-23-2011, 07:21 AM
In talking with Dean about this car some time back, he detailed all the things that were wrong when he acquired it. I offered that, in my opinion, he could have paid someone to actually restore it for less than $100K.

Not sayin' anything behind his back that I didn't say to his face. The conversation was very cordial.

John ED Renstrom
02-23-2011, 11:37 AM
like I said if you can make a Etco out of it you can make a MM out of it. but Dean wanted to make a Etco. me I don't have a problem with him making the copy and doing a good job. just don't try to BS me into the I had "no choice as it was to bad". we talked about the car in at the Denver meet. told him then I would love to see the car. the last time I saw it advertised it was around the 150 mark. still like to see it in person. even though not stock, it is a vary close copy done well. but everyone loses in a divorce.

Loren Baldwin
02-23-2011, 10:26 PM
I too had a conversation with him regarding the price. He said even at that price he was losing money on it as I know he's been trying to sell it for a few years now. Steve, would you have some "before" pics of this rig by chance???

Chris M. Kelley
02-23-2011, 11:06 PM
I certainly didn't intend to be disrespectful to the owner of the car.

Loren Baldwin
02-24-2011, 01:27 AM
I don't think any disrespect was implied. At face value, most people would think the same thing. I will say to his credit that it is the most accurate 1A replica, and for all intents and purposes, the only one...at least in terms of lights and gizmos on the roof.