View Full Version : Thank You

Brady D Smith
02-28-2018, 02:40 PM
A big thank you to all who attended our 14th annual Micro-Meet Weekend. Also a big thanks to Dr. Dennis Lloyd for his financial contribution which was used to pay for all those soft-drinks. And I want to especially thank the crew that stayed around Sunday to help clean up and put everything away. By the end of the day Sunday, all the cars were back in their spots inside, with their battery tenders in place and their covers on! That has never happened before. Dale and Betty Cole, George and Bee Hamlin, John Kline, Walt McCall, Ted Kalinowski, and all the others who helped, I OWE YOU BIGTIME! To those of you who couldn't attend, I am sorry; you were missed. And to those who chose not to attend; your loss; you missed a great time!!!!