View Full Version : How to interpret antique car ads

Blake Sherwin
01-30-2018, 10:32 AM
I got a laugh out of this picture so thought I'd share it. Seems relevant to the ads we find every day

Peter Grave
01-30-2018, 05:52 PM
Used car dealer glossery of terms #1 Bought new by original owner #2 Creampuff (was hit by milk tanker) #3 Perhaps the finest available,#4 Unbelievable Mileage (Over 400,000) #5 Must move off lot (Health Dept. getting nasty) #6 A collectors item (We have had to shoo the trashman away from it) #7 Immaculate one owner car (A taxi company) #8 Fantastic performance (You can walk to Dunkin Donuts quicker) #9 New paint job (the $149.00 at MAACO) #10 Professionally restored (you should see what she does at night) #11 Reluctantly must sacrafice (can't get even an offer) #12 MUST SEE (you will become ill) #13 Owned by elderly school teacher (who only drove it back and forth to the Licquor Store had the groceries delivered) #14 Police Chiefs personal driver low miles (the bar was right down the street from Police station) #15 You must make an appointment to view (Takes us half day to get it running) #16 The qintessance of opulant motoring #17 We loose money on every deal but make it up on the volume. #18 Low mileage (We turned the speedometer way back)