View Full Version : '95 M-M Lincoln In OK

Kurt Arends
01-23-2018, 09:07 PM

Peter Grave
01-23-2018, 11:31 PM
Sharp Coach looks like it needs almost nothing a fair price if as good as it looks.

Daniel Scully
01-23-2018, 11:56 PM
Do these use a stock windshield or something else? Thanks

John ED Renstrom
01-24-2018, 12:01 AM
I would say standard glass. that looks to my like a standard front door. looks like a good candidate to go east

Kurt Arends
01-24-2018, 12:39 AM
Standard windshield.

Peter Grave
01-24-2018, 12:54 AM
Just like later models from the same outfit the front door were not altered except on Commercial Glass Models and they did not come till the 90s. So the windshields stayed stock too.

John Burchfield
01-24-2018, 01:41 AM
Looks very clean, but the suspension looks jacked up. I've seen that on sedans when someone's put spacers in the springs getting ready to put giant wheels on it, ugh. This TC probably has rear air bags though.

Blake Sherwin
01-24-2018, 11:33 AM
I work in Tulsa if anyone needs eyes