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Bill Marcy
12-19-2017, 11:12 PM
I think this car is sharp! These busselback Sevilles have always been a favorite and to have one in limousine form is a real special car, if you ask me.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Cadillac-Seville-Custom/112694256686?hash=item1a3d19e42e:g:DzoAAOSwGUBaNWM s&vxp=mtr (https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Cadillac-Seville-Custom/112694256686?hash=item1a3d19e42e:gzoAAOSwGUBaNWMs&vxp=mtr)

Extremely rare, 1-of-1, Cadillac Seville that was stretched by Limousine Werks, in 1991.

The car has 116,000 miles, which is low for a 32 year old vehicle...that averages about 3,625 miles per year, which is about right for a privately chauffeured limousine owned by a business executive for personal use. I am the second owner. The 4-door base unit is a 1985 Cadillac Seville that was stretched in 1991. Most mid-80's limousines were 48, 54, or 56 inch stretches and this was done in 1991 when a 60" stretch was the new standard providing substantially improved leg room.

This car has a low, low reserve in hopes of finding a great home and somebody who wants to preserve this piece of history rather than park it outside in the driveway or ruin it in a shuttle business.

The car comes with original Cadillac dealer window sticker and Limousine Werks build sheet, including the business card from the salesman at Limousine Werks, and full build receipt for cost of stretching the car, which was $33,509.02 back in 1991. The engine was replaced at 54,407 miles in March, 1993 at authorized dealership Weil Cadillac in Libertyville, Illinois and I have full receipts for that engine swap. This limousine comes with extensive paperwork, including original paperwork from SkyTop Sunroofs Ltd., Magnavox for the original television and the original dual antennae on the trunk. This limousine was a private limousine for a prominent business executive in Chicago, Illinois and even has a letter from Mayor Richard Daley expressing sorrow to the owner's family when he passed away. I purchased the limousine from his estate.

Included in the sale is the original crystalware in excellent condition (4 glasses 2 decanters, 2 coffee cups) a custom hinged box in the trunk, throw pillows and extremely rare Limousine Werks keychain, 2 sets of keys, and original owner's manuals, 1985 Cadillac Seville Dealer Service Manual, and a rare 1985 Seville body manual.

This car was custom ordered and the interior was designed for the owner who regularly conducted business in the passenger compartment. This limousine was not made to haul many passengers, it was custom designed to have 4 executives in a caucus room on wheels.

This limousine is a true time capsule. Original paint, original padded roof with in mint condition, original mechanicals and original interior. It even has the original front floor mats, which show some wear. Sunroof, privacy partition, hands free intercom, front and rear stereo, lighted bar, lighted storage compartment, lighted controls, power locks, reading lights, rear lighted ceiling vanity mirrors, halo lighting (on a dimmer switch), soft green factory mood lighting, power windows and original television with VHS on an electric telescopic antennae.

PLEASE NOTE: Everything works to my best knowledge, except the following:

Air conditioning. It stopped working late summer and with fall and winter approaching, it was not a priority to repair. I believe it needs a new compressor.
It also has a small oil leak and I cannot tell if it is a valve cover seal or coming from somewhere else. Small leak, but I keep a floor pan to catch drops.
Exhaust manifold leak and could either use tightening of the bolts or a new gasket. The car is silent when driving and at idle, but has an exhaust sound under load. The manifolds appear to be in great shape.
These are minor issues for a 30+ year old limousine that is all original, but I would address these if going for a win at Nationals. I am also happy to address all of these issues before shipping, but will add that cost to the final sale price of the car. My reserve reflects these issues needing attention and if it were Concourse condition, the reserve would not be this low.

The paint is a 3 stage metallic charcoal gray paint with lots of metallic and is original from the coachbuilder from 1991. It has a custom C&C chrome grill with the vertical chrome bars. It also has the flying angel chrome hood ornament and even a rare chromed ornament on the grill. The car has dual batteries and the auxiliary button operated back-up battery works as new. This car has had a new windshield, whitewall tires, stainless exhaust system, battery, and radiator. It has the HT4100 engine and the transmission was recently completely rebuilt. We have all the paperwork and receipts for the transmission overhaul. It was first done at a shop for $1,749.81 and the transmission still leaked so we took it to the best transmission shop in Phoenix and had the entire transmission rebuilt again and paid $1.973.43. We have full receipts for both and the transmission does not leak a drop of fluid and shifts quietly and just as new. The only aftermarket item we added was a stereo in the driver's compartment to have bluetooth, etc. We installed this in the glovebox to maintain an absolute original look as this car deserves to be kept all original.

This limousine is an excellent limousine for somebody that wants something unique in their collection, a Cadillac collector or for a museum. This car is in a private collection and is parked in a climate controlled showroom. The car is not perfect, it is 30+ years old, and does show normal wear. If somebody were wanting to restore it to a 100-Point Concourse show quality car, this would be the perfect example to start with as it is all original.

This limousine has been in numerous car shows and most recently the Fountain Hills Concourse in the Hills Car Show. We prefer not to sell this limousine if the buyer intends to use it in a vintage limousine service...it is too nice of a classic limousine to be ruined in a livery company. Please bid if you have a desire to own a piece of history. They only made the Seville slant-back or bustle-back from 1980-1985. It is truly a rare vehicle and collector limousine. Research past Seville Limousines that have sold recently and you will learn that these are extremely rare limousines and the ones that do sell are not original or are in junkyards. That is why if the buyer intends to modify this or destroy in a livery service, I would prefer just to keep this car in my collection. I am a member of the local and national Cadillac Club and I want this car preserved.

Call Eric at 602.622.0537 if you would like additional information. It has a low reserve and we will not disclose what the reserve is so please do not call to ask that. Serious bidders only and please know that WE WILL NOT ENTERTAIN BIDS FROM BIDDERS WITHOUT EXCELLENT HISTORY! I won't even respond to questions or look at bids from buyers with poor feedback history.

Sold as is, where is, with no written or implied warranty. Shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer, however we will assist with shipping in terms of being here when it is picked up and making sure it is properly loaded (as well as sending pictures of the car loaded and transport company for the buyer). You can hire any normal auto transport company to ship this vehicle as it is not a super stretch limousine. There may be a slightly higher fee, but not substantial. When we had it shipped from Illinois to Arizona, we were not charged any more than a standard 4-door Cadillac.

Get this gorgeous limousine before Christmas and good luck bidding!

On Dec-19-17 at 14:34:27 PST, seller added the following information:

PLEASE NOTE MILEAGE DISCREPANCY: There is a mileage discrepancy from 11/29/2005 on the vehicle report.

It was recorded as 99k miles on 1/22/2002
122k miles on 11/29/2005
113k miles when I bought it on 10/6/2010
116k miles on it today in my garage.

The odometer has read accurate since I have owned the car and it is pretty unlikely that the previous owner, whose estate sold multiple cars, boats, and an airplane would have put 91,000 miles on it in the 5 years before I bought it as it had to be retrieved from storage since the previous owner passed away in 2008. I believe the emissions station incorrectly recorded the mileage in 2005. The odometer only reads to 99,xxx miles and then flips and can be hard to read without a direct bright light. Clearly, the only explanation is a recording error.

Kurt Arends
12-19-2017, 11:43 PM
Very cool. One of the few '80s limos worth owning!

John ED Renstrom
12-20-2017, 11:55 AM
I remember when that first came out. I was working a GM dealership in Wy. Sat in one and looked around and realised the were using the same inside remote as a vaga. Haven't sat in another one.

Bill Marcy
12-20-2017, 06:13 PM
I remember when that first came out. I was working a GM dealership in Wy. Sat in one and looked around and realised the were using the same inside remote as a vaga. Haven't sat in another one.

I don't know exactly what parts from a Vega were in the Seville, I bought and sold dozens and dozens of Vegas and a good number of Busselback Sevilles and I never noticed.

Philip Scanio
12-20-2017, 07:48 PM
I was never a fan of this body, but my dad loved it from introduction and tried to convince me to buy one. If I understand correctly, Limowerks built it on a used chassis. I know they were QVM and maybe Mastercoach certified in 1993, but I thought if certified you could not convert used back then. I still enjoy the descriptions from the old days as being a vehicle for executives to perform important work while traveling, but they all had TV/VCR and bars!

John ED Renstrom
12-20-2017, 09:24 PM
The inside door handles were dead on the 71 vaga I owmed.