View Full Version : two things

John ED Renstrom
10-09-2017, 11:11 PM
as you get to running the car you find a few things that just are not right . the first two out of the barn was the needle on the speedometer hangs up at 35. thank you Lord for a GPS that reads land speed. we will take the cluster out later

the other was the new fuel sending unit stop reading will not all together on a left corner it would drop from full to half then back to full. we tested everything the gauge works as it should, the wires are sound and the ends good. double ground is good good. so it has to be in the sender. we can't find another CC one and the original was gone. now what. this one is a new universal one put in on 4-28-17. no since going that rout again. so we found a stock unit on e-bay for 49 bucks. got it it was a stainless steel one. trimmed the pick up sock and the lines off plugged the stubs with some sealer and flatten there ends. then bent the float rod to get it as close as I could into range for the CC tank it tested right so what do we have to loose but time and money. swapped them out with out dropping the tank and it reads 1/4 tank right now. run the car out to deliver the curtains to the lady that will make me a new set. on a sharp corner it would go up or down then settle back so looks like we might have something we can use. then as for what was wrong with the other one remember this unit is only 5 months old never had ETOH around it that I know off just been sitting in the garage in the tank with about 5 gl of premium fuel. it got ate up like this sitting in the garage. lot of water in that gas.