View Full Version : fall run threw the hills

John ED Renstrom
10-05-2017, 12:17 AM
we have been making laps to rapid to find out the reason for the pain in my leg. I know were the pain in my neck and my butt is from it's pro cars but not my leg doesn't hurt in a pro car. so as it fall and we have been having a wind free snow free fall so far we went up threw the hills to see the color. a lot of this rout is were we hope to take one of the bus trips during the meet. it won't look like this in July be a little greener and a tad warmer then 50 deg. that's 10 for you guys using that other scale. ride along here just in case they are back wards it starts at the buffalo https://www.dropshots.com/jer57747/date/2017-10-03

and here are a few high lights. oh ya as for the doctors report it's inconclusive:rolleyes::beatdeadhorse5: