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Bill Marcy
09-24-2017, 11:57 PM
I am in possession of many parts and pieces from the 1968 Superior Cadillac Rescuer ambulance that was pulled from the woods and disassembled by Vincent Donato. I thought it was fabulous, that he realized that some, if not all of these items might be needed by some of us. Although there was no intention of buying any of these parts, I did buy a group of parts and we drove to pick them up. As we were there, he showed us other parts and my wife told me we should buy them, so we made a deal and rented a minivan and spent the entire day to go get them. I don't need any of it, so I hope we have interested buyers here. Whether we break even, or make a few bucks, it is important to us to find homes for everything.

Currently, I am not even sure of exactly what we have. Everything is dirty and some of it has rust. Perhaps over time, I will see how well everything cleans up, take pictures and sell them one piece at a time. For the sake of moving some of it, if you are interested in a bargain, here is a partial list of what I know we have.

Prices are Plus Shipping and I will accept Paypal.

1 Pair of jumpseats, complete, one in very good condition, the other has some wear and tear. Red in color. $175 for the pair.

2 Spare tire cover, red in color, nice condition. $45

3 Loading door interior panel in red, with the aluminum, pretty decent shape. $50

4 A pair of the aluminum interior door panels, left and right. $60

5 Cotlock Bar, a bit crusty, but I think it cleans up with some elbow grease. $40

6 Ambulance cot, with mattress, of circa 1968 vintage, needs a good cleaning and polishing. $175

7 Upper cabinet doors, look decent. $50 for the pair

8 Front switch panel for lights and siren. $75

9 Rear switch panel for heat, AC, fan, light $75

10 Misc exterior stainless, I would say it is decent, there are a half dozen, or more pieces. $125

These are the items I remember seeing, there might be more. Truthfully, I really don't have a clear idea of how much these items are worth, hopefully they are worth more, but you are welcome to make offers. I most likely won't have time to clean and photograph these items for at least a month, so if an item is not sold sooner, it might find its way to ebay. Please know that these items were all worth saving and I think they should be worthwhile, but I have never sold parts before.

PM me with questions, offers, etc.

Bill Marcy
09-25-2017, 10:04 PM
The spare tire cover is sold.

Kurt Arends
09-29-2017, 02:00 PM
Thanks for the spare tire cover Bill! The red vinyl with white piping is a dead-on match for the interior in my '75 Superior 54" ambulance! It cleaned up beautifully and is in amazing condition, given the condition of the rig that it came out of.