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Richard Ketcher
09-15-2017, 01:38 PM
Hello people,
I inherited a 1967 Lincoln Lehmann Peterson Limousine in early 2002 after the passing of my Grandfather Henry Ketcher of North little Rock Arkansas. He was an avid car collector. I know very little about this car, other than it has been in the family for 20+ years. So my question to you is there someone who can lead me in the right direction in finding out any information pertaining to this car??? Other than readings that I have found online, below is the only know information I have. No info is too small so If you have anything please feel free to share!!

VIN # 7y8oG800090 I am not sure if that is a zero or the letter O after the first number 8 in the VIN number

Body 53A

Color A

Trim 2 A

Date 04 G

DSO 84


Trans U

There is also a tag that states
"Registered Owner"

LM 5097

Keith Snyder
09-15-2017, 05:36 PM
Richard - Research is part of the fun of the old car hobby. Here's a web site link that will explain (or translate) all of the information contained on you vehicle's serial plate - including paint and trim selections and original body configuration, etc. This should adequately answer many of your basic questions regarding your particular car. Enjoy.


Bill Marcy
09-15-2017, 05:51 PM
First of all, welcome aboard! This is a good bunch of people with information they will share.

The digit in question is a 0 "zero" for sure.

Although he does not own a Lehman-Peterson Lincoln, I believe he may have info on them. Try to get in touch with Gregg D Merkamer, he is very well versed on these particular cars and I believe he can help you. Be advised that this weekend, Gregg is involved with the Hemmings show, so you probably will not be able to contact him until next week. I will send you his info via Private Message.