View Full Version : Federal C6 Siren with Moving Light

Paul Steinberg
09-05-2017, 10:42 PM
Up for sale is a Federal C6 siren with a SolaRay light on the front with a red lens. The siren also has a red light at the end of the rear housing that would be hooked up to your other flashing lights. This is the largest siren that Federal manufactured with a front and rear light.
The siren was restored both mechanically and cosmetically by John Dorgan a few years prior to his passing. I purchased it for a contemplated project that never materialized. Presently the siren isn't completely assembled, because this is the way that John shipped the sirens in multiple boxes, to avoid damage in transit. I would prefer that it be picked up at my home, and I am willing to pack it for shipment if that is what you would like. I am going to guess that the siren will have a shipping weight of about 30 pounds and will require to cartons. It is presently set up for a flat roof mounting. Price is $500 and shipping is extra.
I am selling a large portion of my collection of lights and sirens, so if you have a particular request, please contact me by PM or eMail.
I will try to get pictures in the daylight tomorrow.