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Paul Steinberg
08-13-2017, 01:11 AM
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A New Chapter for S&S and Superior
Two legendary brands are poised for growth
Lima, OH – S&S/Superior Coach Company, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has pur...chased the assets of Accubuilt, Inc. and will resume production of the prestigious S&S and Superior Coach product lines at their Lima, Ohio facility. The new company will be owned and operated by industry veteran Mr. Sean Myers, of Kansas City, Missouri who has over of 25 years’ experience in the professional vehicle market. Myers also owns Armbruster Stageway and several other industry related companies. “I am very excited about being part of the S&S and Superior team”, said Myers. “S&S and Superior are the most distinctive and prestigious nameplates in the history of funeral vehicles”.
The Superior Coach Company has called Lima home since 1923 and the renowned S&S product line dates back to 1876. The two entities were merged in 1981 by Tom Earnhart, owner of Armbruster Stageway in Ft Smith, Arkansas. Over the years the company has been bought and sold several times by various groups, but this recent asset purchase marks the first time since 1985 that the industries oldest brand names will be collectively owned.
The new company plans to focus on introducing new products and innovative features that will continue to position S&S and Superior as market leaders. “There is a lot of opportunity to capture additional market share, which we will achieve by listening and quickly responding to our valued customers and dealers”, continued Myers. “If there is a special vehicle need or niche product for the funeral vehicle industry, we will build it”.
Myers noted that he is optimistic about the future. “As we start this new chapter for S&S and Superior, we appreciate the support we received from our industry partners and dealers. When looking to the future, we are poised for continued growth, and we believe that our best days are ahead of us”, Myers concluded.
S&S…A Tradition of Excellence
S&S was founded in 1876 as the Sayers and Scovill Company by William Sayers and A. R. Scovill. In the early 1900’s, the internal combustion engine was revolutionizing the funeral carriage trade. Unsurpassed quality and engineering ingenuity enabled S&S to be the only firm to accomplish the motor car changeover and continuously maintain its position in the marketplace. The succeeding years saw the design of the professional car assume various appearances – from ornate, lavishly-carved body panels to towncar and limousine concepts – and all along the way, the S&S nameplate denoted leadership in quality, innovation and refinement. Today, the S&S brand is still recognized as the leader in professional car design and quality. A legacy that has been built on an unrelenting tradition of excellence.
Superior Coaches…Superior in Every Respect
In 1923, a group of local Lima, Ohio businessmen formed the Superior Motor Coach Body Company to produce deluxe motor coach bodies. A short two years later, the company introduced a line of hearse and ambulance bodies that were contemporary in appearance and constructed to high quality standards which set the stage for Superior’s future. With more than 90 years in the funeral coach business, Superior has made significant contributions to the advancement of the modern hearse, and has built more funeral vehicles than any other brand. Today, Superior is known for the designing and manufacturing funeral coaches and limousines with superior style, superior quality and superior value.
About S&S/Superior Coach Company, Inc.
S&S/Superior Coach Company, Inc. is the industry’s premier specialty vehicle manufacturer that traces its roots back to 1876. With two distinctive and prestigious funeral vehicle brand names – S&S and Superior – and a range of distinctively styled, high quality products, the company is poised for future growth by aggressively meeting the needs of the professional vehicle market. For more information on S&S/Superior Coach Company, Inc. and its extensive vehicle offerings, please visit www.ss-superior.com (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ss-superior.com%2F&h=ATO1UGZZRYAvljm9kcJfYRtqMgyfJ-qDyTyi2E0arJuxsyreyK-rD7n9Zr4EDtdkygAwvGRaHPDSdR7XsVKhfDCly_RSU1VvsTE8i ZeRYrrK-YpT8ecNrUtlu97TLdTet3kndwf-zNzr5Jxtyr6tORu1YYbh85YMR_VJChJ0OiVlIV3hy9eJlUBjkH G1hCw1AJqLd3cNoy9HtGtKXC0e2TT8NYYKQOiHt6_Zw8t4Lqxa 7Rj9IJaLL-ainINDH8eKVG0FAxdsuYr-3prb2GtDTbBy5n3Bh-bWCVM) or call the company at 888-324-7895.