View Full Version : problem solved!

Dan Brintlinger
08-06-2017, 02:21 PM
As we parked inside the Lebanon Civic Center someone pointed out a BIG leak. But it was under the rear of the car, not the engine. Turns out that the rear heater lines were bad, so rather than "nursing" it back to Decatur, we left it in Ken Howe's care, and his "preferred" shop took care of the problem the following week!

We rode back to Decatur with the Burkhams (Decatur Ambulance Service) and I returned to Lebanon last Wednesday to pick up HOHOKUS. It ran like a champ all the way home!!

Many Thanks to Ken Howe, his staff, and shop for successfully "operating" on the ambulance!!:applause:

Danny Ryder
08-07-2017, 01:04 PM
When my 70 combo was still in service I had the rear hoses replaced once about 1982 and later did it myself about 1995. Good to check those kinda things for sure. Not all that hard to do hoses just some fishing through floor, etc. May be time to look at them again. I think they last longer being they are partly inside car.