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John ED Renstrom
08-04-2017, 10:24 PM
this comes up every now and them. what color was the paint they used on the wheels. first of all it was not paint but the factory sealer/primer. most of your cars come from the days of wheels painted to match the body color. as the coach builders ordered incomplete cars the wheels went out unpainted.

after cleaning up the set I got from Kurt and the spare in the bead blaster I have colored them as close as I can get to the factory primer. Rust-Oliem has a change in there paint out that is really easy to spray. as luck would have it when I grabbed the two cans I got two different versions of it. I sprayed the first set with the primer gray and only got half of the last wheel before we had to brake out the other can. as they say there is no luck like dumb luck. the primer gray is way to blue to match the semi gloss primer/paint gray is as close as you can get. needless to say the first set now match the last one

Paul Steinberg
08-04-2017, 11:10 PM
I don't believe that it was primer, but a single stage enamel that had a semi gloss to it. If they were primer, they would have rusted, since primer is porous.

John ED Renstrom
08-05-2017, 11:45 AM
It's the standard sealer GM sprayed on all there panels , that is why they are rusty.or as in this case the supplier for GM put on. Your laquer base primers are the ones that soake up water like a sponge. But none are designed to be the only finish. Not ever the factory sealers. They are designed to protect the steel untell! A finish cost is applied. You can tell the sealers buy the semi gloss finish and the slick feel. Think replacement fenders. Now the new panles that Kurt picked up from Carl are primed. But remember they were not stamped by GM.

John ED Renstrom
08-27-2017, 10:45 PM
now as long as I have the two different wheels off lets see if there is a different off set to them. turns out to be 1/8 of a inch. not enough to worry about