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John ED Renstrom
07-01-2017, 10:38 PM
I think I have posted this before but a refresher is nice.

we got the script off the 72 48 Mm before they were lost completely. they were not pitted at all and buffed up nicely so we colored back in the letters and will tack them to the wall

the steps were: clean the old double sided tape off the backside.
buff the chrome 4 directions.
paint the script with a semi flat black. lets is set up till tacky.
the using a paper towel, damp not runny with thinner wipe the upper surfaces off
the key is to get enough thinner to cut the paint but not so mush you can push it out of the towel.

buff the shine back with another dry towel. you would color them the same way if you had them re plated

one could do it on the car with if they wanted to. just use the necessary prosecution to keep your spray bomb under control.