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John ED Renstrom
06-12-2017, 10:41 PM
any one out there got a book that will go back far enough to look up this generator. with the age of it this one is most likely a rebuilt one. it has a stamp 8-8 on the end . I'm guessing it 8 month of 98, if it was rebuilt I see they have replaces the regulator with a napa one.

the parts book calls for a 40 amp and a 50 amp. I ordered brushes for each just in case. the only difference is one set is square on the end the other is beveled both sides. so no help there.

but the rain has come right down here. it looks like my cash crop is going gang busters

Peter Grave
06-12-2017, 11:12 PM
I can use my Hollander to look it up tomorrow. Is Delco tag missing? If not tag number would help. A guess is they are the same 49 to 54 but thats a guess. From an old memory.

Paul Steinberg
06-13-2017, 01:15 AM
If there are no tag numbers, then possibly there are some casting numbers in the end plates, that might give us a hint. Without that, you have no way of knowing what it is. Delco used to stamp the armature with a part number, and I can check that if you have an original armature. If the armature was replaced with a aftermarket one, then all bets are off.

Richard Vyse
06-13-2017, 07:22 AM
Cash crop Ed? What are you telling us you're a pot grower as well....:eek:

John ED Renstrom
06-13-2017, 11:45 AM
Found some more stuff last night. The Delco 9205 is a 45amp. Generator used in the GM trucks ,Studebaker cars and the Pontiac . There were a few others but I did not print out the list. No ida what the number of the 50 amp one is but that regulator is no longer around.
Only found one rebuilt for sale on one of the Chevy truck restore sites.

But Richard I'm surprised that you don't recognize sun flowers. One of the best cash crops in the great plains. Mother nature has planted these here and when conditions are right we get a bumper crop. Bumper crop not that's a strange term. But back in the day of old pickups you would load them till the number draged on the ground. Anything to avoid one more trip to town.

Wayne Krakowski
06-13-2017, 04:00 PM
Isn't anything better than cruising down the highway with a mouth full of sunflower seeds spitting the shells out the window and getting to your destination only to find all the shells stuck on the side of the car,guess my spitting was up to what it should be.

Peter Grave
06-13-2017, 05:54 PM
Here is the Generator info from the 29th Hollander,Pontiac 51 t0 54 Std. and HD. Hollander number 653 Delco number 1105800,1118722,1102794,1102797 Delco rebuilt 94U all numbers interchange. All of the following interchange with above Hollander number 661 Chev truck,49 to 55 1106757,1105008,1105976. Hollander number 618 Delco rebuilt 7U,4UA, 85U,45U,= 49 to 54 Chev TK,Kaiser 52 to 54,Packard 49 to 54,Studebaker 51 to 55. When checking with yards Hollander number helps as thats how many inventory.

John ED Renstrom
06-13-2017, 10:33 PM
they use the same number for the heavy duty one? the 9205 number is the rebuilt number then like I thought.

Peter Grave
06-13-2017, 11:46 PM
Actually they say that number is Heavy Duty in 51-52 and all 53-54 go figgure.

John ED Renstrom
06-14-2017, 12:14 PM
Forgot that 54 was the last year for 6volt cars.

Peter Grave
06-14-2017, 05:02 PM
For GM ,Ford AMC,and Packard yes 12 volt in 55 BUT, Mopar,and Studebaker stayed 6 volt for one more year. Once more 53 and 54 were weird years at GM Chevrolet and Pontiac were 6 volt Olds Buick and Cadillac all 12 volt (six volts just would not crank high compression V/8s when hot).Oh and for the fussy in 53 the strait 8 Buick Special was still 6 volt

John ED Renstrom
06-14-2017, 10:48 PM
will we have her all back together and it shows positive on the gauge. took it down and put 5gl of gas in it to freshen up the tank a little. then the long way home to get everything warmed up. by the time we got the carbon build up cleared out she ran like a straight 8 again. the brushes were cutting at a angle but after a clean up on the armature they are square now. but my guess is that the rust build up in the slides and brushes just had them stuck. one more case of us it or loose it. the leaking battery above it didn't help either.