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John ED Renstrom
05-20-2017, 09:36 PM
we had a small discussion awhile back on these things that just fall apart as you look hard at them. they are under spring tension and only held together by 4 tabs of base medal pinned over of crimped in a few places. this one is out of a 1970

the plastic tab slides down into a slot on the shift leaver tube and that is what moves it. you can see how thin the webbing is on either side. this was the problem with Paule's. in fact I had this one on his car till we did the AC controls. this one has two in and out for the vacuum lines one is brake pull off the other is the vacuum advance if I remember right and the 69 had one more that was the vacuum dump for the AC and of course not as many electrical contacts. no seat belt buzzer or warning light.

on side has the electrical contacts, surprising just how much tension those springs have. the other is the slid to cover or open the vacuum ports.

big problem is the case separating due to medal fatigue the other is the grease drying out on the vacuum side causing it to leak. it is adjustable left and right to get it to fiction at the right moment.

one can take it apart clean the contacts and the old grease out . reapply new vacuum grease and reassemble it. some times it will even work again if you do. the hard part is keeping the case together. these has been some success with super glue. I had used a hog ring. mostly it's a crap shoot like the vacuum control for the AC. it all depends on how worn out it is.