View Full Version : What are your period correct preferences?

David Henry
04-22-2017, 10:44 AM
I have seen discussion from time to time about what is period correct accessory, part, equipment, etc...

My question for this distinguished group is when considering a period correct accessory or piece of equipment (cardiac Monitor, Two-Way radio etc) what is a better choice, Period correct new old stock (NOS) or period correct used? And why?


John ED Renstrom
04-22-2017, 11:17 AM
that all depend on your wallet. you can think in the direction if what if the car was in use today? what would have been replace or upgraded. you can limit your self to what was on the car when it was first put in service. or you can do the nothing over 5 years newer then the car. figurine that there would be some hold over off the trade in and some things bought new after the car was put in service. it's more of a personal thing than a group thing. me I'm more of the close to the year of the car is close enough

Nicholas Studer
04-22-2017, 12:11 PM
I don't think there's a group consensus. The way I see it...

1. You have to decide "when" your car will be stocked/equipped to. Most of my vehicles were in service over 20 years. So, that's a value judgment you must make. Perhaps you worked on a 1965 Superior-Cadillac in 1975 - and want it to be the same. In my case, I'm interested in more the early 1960s as high-quality "EMS" was a very irregularly devised concept. So - I've chosen my 1963 Pinner-Chrysler to look like it did when it went into service, and hopefully same for my 1961 Eureka-Cadillac. Even though both were in service in 1988 and I could put all kinds of Dyna-Med products in there and Star of Life's - by that time these cars were old, run-down, and obsolete in reality and the opinion of many at the time. I'd rather celebrate Elvis at his prime than at his demise, so to speak...

2. NOS versus used? I obviously prefer items that don't look horrifically beat up, rusted, water damaged, etc. However - you get what you can get - particularly when you want a specific item and not "I need a first aid kit that looks older." This stuff is harder and harder to find - and more and more expensive when in good shape. I suppose my hierarchy would be 1. Item that originally came from the car when in service. 2. Correct item that looks good. 3. Correct item that looks less good. 4. Any item at all of that type. :)

3. At the end of the day - very few will know anything about your car. I collected ambulance gear long before the ambulances themselves. Outside of weirdos like me - most enthusiasts won't be able to tell that you've got an early 1980s Chemetron oxygen regulator in the back of your car versus a 1970s NCG Medical Division regulator. For that matter - the general public and most ambulance/rescue/EMS personnel won't notice no matter WHAT you put in the back.

Martin Harvey
04-22-2017, 05:31 PM
As a reenactor for another hobby, I prefer a functionnal part of equipment and of course period correct, weathering is nice but not "too used".

Tim Prieur
04-22-2017, 10:48 PM
Thank you Nic for your thoughts. Bang on by me.
For me, I also hope to preserve the era my cars served. Does anyone else who see my cars appreciate these fine points? A rare few. I am fortunate enough to have met a group here in my city who served the public in these cars. While they may appreciate the fine points, I think they are just glad to see this history preserved. I will try and go the distance to make it as correct as possible. In the end though that is simply my choice.

Bill Leverett
04-22-2017, 11:32 PM
I try for period correct in reasonable shape. Just like in any hobby, having the "accessories" not match the base item does detract from the showing.

I am soon to start work on my '53 Pontiac. If I were to put a Ferno model 35A stretcher in it while the public may not know the difference anyone who does know about EMS will spot the error. I agree with Ed that a 5 year span forward or backward is reasonable.

If you had a 1949 LaFrance engine and put an LED lightbar on it well...you get the picture.

For me part of the fun of this hobby is seeking out the period correct items that add to the vehicle and add to the discussion beyond the vehicle. Do what you can with the budget you have and by all means ENJOY!