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Nicholas Studer
04-19-2017, 07:50 PM
Perhaps this is an inane detail - but I'm curious.

Washington Mortuary (pre-1963 merger of product lines with Ferno) consistently used a rectangular foot pad mounted onto two metal arms. While it appears burgundy was fairly standard, I have seen blue upholstery instead. Many (Most?) have a metal pull handle attached to the front metal support arms. This is well shown below:


Ferno-Washington cots from 1963 onward, up until the introduction of the Model 35 and 93 in the 1980s/1990s, have the half-ring of aluminum tubing with a foot pad that snaps into the center. As opposed to Washington Mortuary's design - this foot pad served as its own pull-handle if desired. This foot pad was commonly red up, but I have seen orange and white in 1970s units. Like Washington - they'd probably be willing to upholster in the color of your ambulance's interior for a fee. Many (but not all) have a metal pull-handle attached to the top of the foot This is well shown below:


Ferno (pre-1963 merger of product lines with Washington) appears to have used the exact same design. This is well-shown below in a 1959 ad for the new Model 30.


While this may seem straightforward - there's a third design floating out there. This is a half-ring of tube aluminum similar to the standard Ferno/F-W design, but too short for the usual foot-pad. This is present on my Model 54 from 1983 - which I believed was a F-W development corresponding that that timeframe. This is shown below.


Then the following image (below) turned up on Facebook recently after an also-recent eBay auction of historical photographs. It is from 1965, and clearly shows a Model 54 cot (unclear Washington, Ferno, or F-W) with this same pull handle. So, that ruined the above theory.

I am sure anybody would do anything for a few extra dollars. Someone could've surely hated the idea of padding for patients feet and special ordered a short pull handle. Many items were custom built or customized later in life. That's not my point here. I have the 1963 F-W "Full Line" catalog and the 1959 Washington Mortuary "update" and while there's options for wheel size, etc. - I can find no mention of something like this. Jon Van Dermark's Washington Model 52 cot (also pictured below) has the same design - whether it's original or changed later is unknown. A stock photo from the 1970s Kelco catalog shows a Model 54 with this design. So, this isn't a "one-off" or likely to be an aftermarket item.

Maybe the 1970s F-W catalog Kurt Arends has mentions something about this? Just curious if anyone else had noticed this and/or had documentation about it. I suppose it's esoteric enough to be just one of those things we can remain unsure about.

(Thanks to Jeremy Ledford for the photos that I linked to that he upload to this forum in other threads)

Kurt Arends
04-19-2017, 10:05 PM
What was the question again??

Kurt Arends
04-19-2017, 10:07 PM
LMAO!! Sorry. Just had to do it!

I will post some scanned photos for you yet this week, Nick.

Nicholas Studer
04-19-2017, 10:40 PM
What was the question again??

LMAO!! Sorry. Just had to do it!

I will post some scanned photos for you yet this week, Nick.

HA! Indeed - foot pads/pull handles are not exactly the most exciting of topics. Just when I thought I might be starting to get the cot esoterica figured out. :)

And to think - there's still plenty of folks mighty confused about just models of cot!

Kurt Arends
04-19-2017, 11:04 PM
Having a catalog, regardless of age, really helps! Many "Ah Ha!" moments in flipping through their catalog!

John ED Renstrom
04-20-2017, 12:44 AM
All the Washington modal I have use the square foot rest in blue. But if you notice the hope is pined on the frame and only on the 54 FW. My Washington 54 has the blue pad. My guess would be heavy duty version of the 54 .

My only pet pev is people that can't put it in the proper position.

But the later modal 30 the put the handle on the frame with a set of rings no pad